An innovative active material alone does not constitute a good battery. The interactions between the electrode and the electrolyte determine its service life and performance. The right particle morphology and selected additives are crucial for the production of electrodes. The cell design, quality and speed of production processes determine the cost and quality of the product. In this regard a comprehensive understanding of all processing steps under real production conditions is an absolute necessity. Furthermore, new materials or components must be classified before the commercial production and verified in sample lines.

Our research spectrum encompasses all process steps for manufacturing lithium-ion cells in various standard formats. This includes 18650 and 21700 cylindrical cells, single and multiple-stacked pouch cells (from 5 up to 80 Ah), as well as prismatic PHEV-2 cells. We can manufacture prototypes and sample series of the highest quality. Our facilities comprise a laboratory-scale pilot line along with all necessary equipment for large-scale production of lithium-ion cells under conditions closely to serial production.


Dr. Wolfgang Braunwarth
+49 731 9530-562

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