// Quality assurance with 3D-CT

3D-CT examinations allow non-destructive, detailed insights into the interior of battery cells:

  • They provide the basis for a targeted improvement of materials and processes in electrode and cell production
  • Are part of the development of new test methods for the battery industry
  • Can be used in cases of damage (post-mortem) and for quality assurance of new batteries

Range of services

  • Analysis of lithium-ion cells and other cell types
    • Scans of individual battery components as well as full cells
    • Measurement of cells before and after cyclisation ((de-)charging profile)
  • All cell formats, e.g. round cells, pouch cells or prismatic designs
  • Further order analyses according to customer requirements


    • 3-D X-ray computed tomography scanner with 300 KV microfocus tube and detail recognition up to 1 μm (suitable especially for larger cells and entire battery modules) and a nanofocus tube with detail recognition of 0.5 μm (model GE Phoenix v | tome | x 300)
    • Data processing with Datos reconstruction software - the entire image volume is reconstructed in 3D and the projection of the cell is aligned according to the three spatial directions x y z


    Dr. Miriam Keppeler
    +49 731 9530-559

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