// Current Building Projects


At ZSW's location in Stuttgart, a technical center with all equipment necessary for researching renewable energie is being built.

The perovskite center will house state-of-the art production and measurement technology and will focus on the following topics:

  • Evaluation and development of scalable manufacturing technologies and processes
  • Evaluation and production of the next generation of thin-film solar cell structures
  • Characterisation and further development of solar cells
  • Consulting and process transfer to commercial manufacturing partners and close cooperation with domestic industry.

With the electrolysis technicatl center ZSW envisages to build up the existing technological basis in the research fields fo hydrogen and power-based fuels in order to research the industrialisation and upscaling of the relevant technological components electrolysis, CO2 supply and synthesis of fuels or raw materials.

The undertaking is funded by means of the European union as part of the Union's reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic.


At ZSW's location in Ulm, the Research Facility for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells is being built. For more information, please refer to this page.


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