// Concept for grid stability and renewable mobility: Power-to-Gas (P2G)

The feed-in of solar and wind power into the grid fluctuates considerably. Therefore, before the energy provision can be made entirely renewable, one major challenge needs to be addressed: the storage of renewable power must be capable of meeting the demand from industry and private households at any time and also prevent unused surplus electricity from going to waste. Power-to-Gas (P2G®) promises a solution to this problem.

The technology, which was largely developed at ZSW, converts surplus green power into hydrogen and, when required, methane. Large quantities of hydrogen and methane can then be stored in the natural gas grid for several months without any losses. In contrast to other storage technologies, P2G® therefore already has an existing infrastructure. Both gases can be reconverted back into electricity or used directly as fuel for fuel cell and natural gas vehicles when needed. This therefore enables P2G® to make a significant contribution to grid stability and the ongoing energy transition in the transport sector. ZSW is continuously developing the process. The institute has been building and operating P2G® facilities since 2009.

You can find further information online at Power-to-Gas