Given their scientific analyses of market integration, the trend in costs and the effects on the energy supply, the ZSW experts are a reliable source of information in answer to the questions which are currently being asked on the subject of wind energy. They also assist the German government with its reporting obligations. The ZSW is involved in various reviews, such as the evaluation of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz - EEG) for the progress report on onshore wind energy.

The systems analysis accompanying wind energy research goes into great depth on the subject of renewable sources of energy in the context of various research projects. The remit includes evaluating and developing the auction systems, analysing the financing structures, and assessing the regional distribution and control infrastructure in connection with the expansion of renewable sources of energy. We have extensive expertise in the development of policy instruments for the route to market, wider roll-out strategies and diffusion of technology. Excellent knowledge in the monitoring of systems, evaluation, data acquisition, data analysis and data evaluation enable the ZSW to provide independent, evidence-based policy advice backed by scientific findings.


Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Henning Jachmann
+49 711 7870-345

In order to increase acceptance, the ZSW is participating in the interdisciplinary research project “Inter-Wind” with the wind energy research test site. The project is exploring the question as to which factors are relevant when residents feel that the noise generated by the systems is a nuisance. The plan is to take this information as a basis for suggestions for improvement. The instruments on the measuring masts will record the wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric stratification, cloud cover and precipitation. The propagation of the sound waves in the air (acoustics) and of the elastic waves in the ground (seismology) will also be measured. The residents will be surveyed before and after the two research wind turbines are installed as planned.


The research scientists at the ZSW issue daily bulletins on wind turbines in Germany, reporting on planning approvals and on systems which have been put into operation and taken out of service. They analyse trends in the technology, such as the steady increase in rated output, rotor diameter and hub height. They also calculate the shares of the market owned by German and international manufacturers and disclose the results of the auctions for onshore wind turbines conducted by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur - BNetzA). The monitoring input forms the basis for the sound scientific advice required to pass on to the policymakers so that they are able to react to market trends as and when the time is right.

Policy Advice

The ZSW brings its expertise to bear in the political world in its advice on the wording of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz - EEG). The staff in the System Analysis department work with partner research institutes on the development and evaluation of new approaches to promoting the use of wind power in Germany. They have been active in issuing recommendations in recent years, duly accompanying the introduction of auctions, backing the latest reforms of the reference yield model, and working on answers to the regional distribution of the expansion.

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