The success of the energy transition crucially depends on reliable framework conditions. Germany’s introduction of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2000 laid the foundations in this field. The EEG replaced the Electricity Feeding Act (StromEinspG) of 1990 and has become a model for many funding systems around the world. ZSW has been providing its expertise to help politicians draft laws since 2005.



industrial engineer Maike Schmidt
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// Reliable answers to topical questions

Based on scientific analysis of market integration, cost development and the impact on energy supply, ZSW experts provide reliable answers to current questions and assist the German Federal Government in meeting its reporting duties. Among other activities, ZSW heads up the research project on the evaluation of the EEG in the area of solar irradiation energy as well as managing the coordination project which examines major economic and ecological issues.

On top of this, in the context of various research projects, the scientists also support the planned systemic change towards a tender system that will determine the level of funding by 2017 at the latest.

Aside from providing secondary scientific research, ZSW also serves as an independent service provider offering green power certification under the “Grüner Strom-Label”, thereby advancing the growth of renewable energy sources beyond state funding systems.