With its work, ZSW actively impacts the various transformation processes through which the energy system is passing in the course of the energy transition. For this purpose, corresponding developments must be initiated, managed or expedited in all sectors – both at the national level and at the level of the states, regions and municipalities. Continuous observation, recording and evaluation of these developments is essential to derive recommendations for political action. For many years, these activities have been among the key tasks performed by ZSW’s System Analysis department.


industrial engineer Maike Schmidt
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// Monitoring the progress of the energy revolution

Monitoring the progress of the energy transition is an important task. This is how the ZSW scientists support their Executive Chairman, Prof. Dr Frithjof Staiß, in his capacity as member of the Energy Transition Committee of the German Federal Government. On behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and the Energy Industry of Baden-Wuerttemberg, ZSW analyses both implementation and impact of the energy transition in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In addition, the ZSW experts have been drawing up the summary monitoring report on climate protection every year since 2014. This report details Baden-Wuerttemberg’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and compares the actual figures with the original targets.


// Data evaluation and processing experts

Thanks to its high-performance information and database, which has been built up, maintained and developed over decades, ZSW is ideally qualified to carry out monitoring and evaluation tasks. The acquisition and evaluation of data, as well as meaningful data processing for different issues and stakeholders, are among the team’s core competences. Aside from numerous scientific institutions, associations and companies, its clients also include the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

From 2004 to 2016, the System Analysis department headed up the Renewable Energy/Statistics working group (AGEE-Stat). This working group was tasked with auditing the expansion of renewable energy sources in Germany and continually updating relevant statistics. The latter serve the German Federal Government as a basis for meeting a wide range of national and international reporting obligations. Thanks to the expert committee, the success of the renewable energy expansion can be measured in figures. In addition, ZSW also assesses the economic impact resulting from the expansion of renewable energies.

On behalf of the Renewable Energy Agency, ZSW also supplied data, facts and figures for four comparative studies carried out by different Federal States as well as maintaining the database of the Federal States’ “Föderal-Erneuerbar” agency. Under the title “Renewable energies in Baden-Württemberg”, ZSW also audits the annual expansion of renewables at the state level.