While the political and professional debates of the last few years have been concentrating on power generation from renewable energy sources, the focus is now shifting towards the heating market and efficiency. ZSW believes that these areas require as much attention as the electricity sector if Germany is to reach its energy transition targets.


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// Development of the market incentive programme

The heat sector, in particular, crucially depends on increased energy efficiency to reduce emissions in the decades to come. At the same time, renewable energy sources must play a greater role in the heat sector to ensure sustainable coverage of the residual heat requirement.

Given this background, ZSW has been involved in developing the market incentive programme, the key subsidy instrument for renewable energy sources in the heat market, for many years.

At the state level, ZSW’s System Analysis department is assisting the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Wuerttemberg in its development of the State Combined Heat and Power Concept, e.g. via the design of an implementation-oriented catalogue of state measures.

On behalf of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, ZSW has developed a concept for the “Leitstern Energieeffizienz” competition, which is unique nationwide. The institute successfully organised the first competition, which focused on the heating sector, in 2014. With new efficiency areas added on a regular basis, the competition is intended to encourage urban and rural districts to implement efficiency measures and activities.