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With the transformation of our energy system in full swing, the path to full supply based on renewable energy sources has been paved. The goal is to cover energy demand in a reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. To this end, politics, business and science need clever concepts. This is where ZSW comes in.

Both the market launch and the development of new technology largely depend on the right framework conditions, which policy makers must put in place. ZSW supports decision-makers at the state, national and EU levels, providing calculations, reports and analyses. Subsidy directives and regulations such as the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) or the Climate Protection Act of Baden-Wuerttemberg (KSG BW) are created on this basis. For stakeholders in administration and business, ZSW also produces reliable studies on the performance of new energy technologies, the compatibility of economic and ecological goals, the consequences of conversion and the advantages and disadvantages of state intervention. Since all technologies developed at ZSW are subjected to scrutiny and evaluation as a matter of principle, clients know that they can rely on the independence and objectivity of the ZSW experts.


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