Renewable Fuels // Topics

The core expertise of the Renewable Fuels and Processes department is in the production of renewable fuels in the context of Power-to-X (P2X) as well as the realisation of closed material cycles, for example with phosphorus recycling processes. Our chemical engineering expertise is applied to the development of application-oriented technology modules for the electricity-based production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels, which are then constructed and tested on a technical scale.

We develop scalable materials and production methods for electrolysers suitable for series production and have developed our own  electrolysis block and system technologies up to the megawatt range. We offer our customers a wide range of testing opportunities both in ZSW’s own laboratories and in real environments, such as our research platform at the Grenzach-Wyhlen Power-to-Hydrogen site. We also develop processes for an efficient renewable supply of CO2, for example from biomass or air, as a further core element of P2X processes and have many years of experience in the field of P2X synthesis processes, including methane and methanol.


Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler
+49 711 7870-233

Thanks to our engineering and systems expertise, we have already built three of our own Power-to-Gas and electrolysis plants on the  25 kWel, 250 kWel and 1 MWel scale at ZSW and provide consulting services to industry customers on everything from basic engineering and commissioning of commercial plants to subsequent techno-logy monitoring. Besides our P2X activities, we develop innovative processes related to residual materials utilisation and raw materials recycling. For example, we are researching concepts to recycle phosphorus and recover raw materials from plastic waste.