Renewable Fuels // Topics

Creating a sustainable transport system and a renewable energy storage system are two of the main challenges facing the energy transition. ZSW is striving to overcome these challenges by intensively researching technologies to produce renewable fuels. Our research focuses on hydrogen and methane generated from renewable energy sources. Our experience in the fields of gas processing technology and chemical energy storage form the basis for this research.

Some of the most important issues in this field include the production of fuels from biomass using thermochemical conversion (biomass-to-fuel), reforming, gas conditioning, hydrogen generation via electrolysis and Power-to-Gas (P2G®) – a seasonal storage method that converts excess wind energy into hydrogen or methane for climate-friendly mobility.

ZSW has a proven track record in basic engineering, construction, gas conditioning, gas purification, CO2 separation, CO2 use as well as the operation of the relevant prototypes and systems in all phases up to the pre-commercial stage. Simulation of renewable power plant processes and synthesis processes coupled with technical monitoring of both small decentralised plants and megawatt-scale plants round off ZSW’s expertise in renewable energy sources and processes.


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