// PV storage and own consumption

Clever use of solar energy improves revenues from solar power systems. In addition, solar power storage systems also become profitable for operators of photovoltaic systems. This is due to cost-effective own consumption and the falling costs of battery systems. Thus, in spite of sinking feed-in tariffs, investing in a PV plant is still financially worthwhile.


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// Solar power storage and own consumption

In households, own consumption is limited to a value of 25 to 30 percent without implementing additional measures, but this can be increased to 30 to 40 percent if the electricity consumption is shifted into the times where solar irradiation occurs. A value of 50 percent is possible by using solar power for heating or hot water, which can be implemented particularly efficiently by using heat pumps. Significantly higher own consumption rates are possible in the commercial sector without taking any additional measures.

Own consumption can be further increased by using battery storage systems, and optimised control systems allow storage systems to be used for bridging consumption peaks / grid feed peaks or as an emergency electricity supply.

Within the scope of research projects and field trials, ZSW has published a range of documents on topics such as own consumption, the use of battery storage systems and optimisation of control processes for devices and storage systems to achieve a more cost-effective energy management. The simulation tools and control system optimisation methods (prediction models) developed by ZSW, combined with the experience gained from field trials, allow ZSW to offer a comprehensive range of consulting services.

By intelligent controlling of solar power storage systems, thermal storage and heat pumps, own consumption of solar power can be raised significantly.