Own consumption in the commercial sector: Supermarket with a photovoltaic system (Foto: REWE Group)

It is advantageous for private users, businesses and small- and medium-sized industrial enterprises if they can consume their own locally generated electricity from solar power or from CHP plants. In addition, the local sector coupling of electricity and heat offers considerable potential for load management and for preventing load or feed-in peaks at the grid connection point. The installation of thermal and electrical storage systems increases local flexibility: less power must to be purchased from the electricity grid, and more favourable rates are possible for the power purchased.

If the load management potential is distributed among several energy service providers in an appropriate manner, it is possible to generate additional revenue from ancillary services such as the provision of primary and secondary control reserves. Storage systems and smart control systems can amortise in shorter periods of time by offering a mix of services.

ZSW develops solutions for the smart operation of generators, storage systems and loads, and implements them as part of research projects and field trials.

For further information, see the  "PV storage and own consumption" section.



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