The Simulation & Optimisation (SimOpt) working group at ZSW has many years of experience in meteorology, processing of satellite data and wind power forecasting. The working group has successfully coordinated and implemented numerous international and national projects in recent years.

As a result of the WinReNN project subsidised by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB), ZSW has been running an operational wind power forecasting system in conjunction with the EWC company in Karlsruhe for over three years. ZSW has also developed a PV performance prognosis system that is currently being prepared in conjunction with EWC for operational use. A great deal of the wind and PV generation forecasting work performed by the SimOpt group has benefited from the group’s substantial experience with machine learning methodology and the efficient use of extremely high-performance processor architectures based on parallel connected graphic processors.

The PV yield calculations for known or predictively calculated irradiation levels benefit from many years of yield measurements carried out on various PV module technologies at the ZSW solar testing grounds in Widderstall. This includes evaluations of direct and diffuse irradiation and spectral analyses over a period of many years, which allow yield calculations to be performed for various PV generator orientations.


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