Grid Integration and Mobility // Topics

The primary sources of renewable energy are wind and the sun. In an ideal world, the electricity, heating and mobility sectors would consume energy exactly when it is generated and use this energy in the most efficient manner possible – for example, by employing heat pumps for electrical heating systems or making use of electromobility. Because of their fluctuating nature, however, renewable energy must still be stored in batteries or converted into some sort of regenerative fuel. Improving the forecasting accuracy of generated power and consumed power and intelligently interconnecting and controlling the power generators, consumers and storage providers, we can reduce the infrastructure for intermediate storage to the necessary minimum.

The section “Grid integration and mobility” encompasses a range of topics that are the subject of research in various departments right across the institute’s organisational structure: smart grids, photovoltaic systems with storage systems, electromobility and prediction of generation and loads.



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