// The HyFaB

Science and industry are pushing hard to ramp up vehicle fuel cells for mass manufacturing. A Research-factory for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (HyFaB) is under construction at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) in Ulm to support this ramp-up process. In this facility, experts are to develop the prerequisites and processes for large-scale manufacturing.

Commissioning of this unique fuel cell test center is planned for summer 2022. HyFaB is a public project in which new players from the automotive and fuel cell supplier industry or from mechanical and plant engineering can join continuously. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frank Häußler
+49 731 95 30-791

Fuel cells are still made largely by hand rather on industrial assembly lines. The HyFaB research factory is going to steer and accelerate the transition from small-scale to mass manufacturing. The work in this facility will focus on scalable component production processes that are suitable for assembly lines and on fuel-cell stack manufacturing processes.

With the HyFaB factory, the ZSW is establishing an open industry platform to research automated manufacturing and quality assurance processes, factory acceptance tests and commissioning of fuel cell stacks. In addition, skilled workers are to be qualified and industry knowledge generated. HyFaB provides orientation for entering fuel cell technology and supports companies in the development of materials, components and manufacturing machines.

HyFaB is a publicly funded project. The State of Baden-Württemberg’s  Ministry of Economic Affairs is providing 10.4 million euros to build a new 3,300 square-meter facility at the ZSW’s Ulm site on Lise-Meitner-Strasse. Construction work officially commenced on February 9, 2021, topping-out ceremony celebrated on 5 october 2021. The German Federal Ministry of Transport has announced to provide another 30 million euros for to pursue research into industrial manufacturing and processes. Freiburg-based Fraunhofer ISE and the German engineering federation VDMA are also involved in the HyFaB project alongside ZSW.

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