Transport, industry and the heating sector all need low-emission solutions for a climate-neutral economy. The ZSW is exploring technologies which use P2X processes to convert renewable electricity into other forms of energy – such as fuels or chemicals. There will still be a market in the post-fossil age for carbon-based e-fuels and e-chemicals, which will have to be produced synthetically from water, renewable electricity and sustainable carbon. There will be a need in future to draw on other sustainable carbon sources besides CO2 in the air, including biomass, biogenic residues and unavoidable plastic waste, in order to meet this demand for the synthesis of carbon-based fuels and chemicals. Carbon-based e-fuels and e-chemicals boast high energy density and can serve as hydrogen transport vectors.

Thermochemical conversion technologies like oxy-fuel combustion or autothermal gasification can be used successfully for almost end-to-end carbon transfer into P2X processes. We are studying stoichiometric oxy-fuel combustion and autothermal gasification in fluidised bed processes for the provision of gases containing CO2 and CO for P2X processes from biogenic residues or plastic waste.


Dr. Jochen Brellochs
+49 711 78 70-211

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