// Monitoring the energy transition in Germany

A wide range of data and statistics has been compiled in the field of renewable energy sources. It is the responsibility of the German Federal Government to analyse, compress and explain this data as part of its annual monitoring report under the aegis of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi). The report, which compiles up-to-date facts relating to the expansion of renewable energy sources, provides a detailed overview of the progress made by the energy transition.
In the context of a scientific assessment, an independent committee of experts led by Prof. Dr Andreas Löschel subsequently proceeds to determine whether the targets of the energy transition were met in the reporting year as planned. The Executive Chairman of ZSW, Prof. Dr Frithjof Staiß, is a member of this four-member committee. According to the German Federal Government, the industrial engineer was appointed to the renowned group of experts in October 2011 thanks to his “exceptional expertise in the energy industry”. The Government also appointed Prof. Dr Georg Erdmann and Dr Hans-Joachim Ziesing as further committee members.
Aside from its involvement in the committee, ZSW has also been involved in all amendments of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and various evaluation reports in a supervisory capacity. In addition, the institute also headed up the independent specialist committee AGEE-Stat (Renewable Energy/Statistics working group) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Environment. The work carried out by this working group also benefits the Energy Transition Committee.


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