// The Öhringen Hydrogen Island

Netze BW, a local distribution network operator, aims to gradually increase the share of hydrogen in the natural gas grid to up to 30 percent within the confines of a limited space. This plant will be separated from the existing natural gas grid and supplied independently, as if it were a ‘Hydrogen Island’ offshore the larger grid. A climate-friendly electrolyzer is to produce the required hydrogen. Slated to start in 2020 and run for several years, the project will take place on site at Öhringen. Initially confined to the grounds of the local Netze BW operating station, it will later be extended to surrounding roads.

ZSW has been contracted to help plan the electrolyzer’s adaptation and integration into the larger plant and to monitor the technical implementation. Our scientists and engineers will also support Öhringen electrolysis plant’s commissioning once it is ready to deliver climate-friendly hydrogen.


Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Brinner
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