// Raw material recycling of plastic waste via hydrogenating gasification with renewable hydrogen

The core of the work at the ZSW is the development of a flexible technology in the field of raw material recycling for mixed plastic waste fractions (including PVC-containing waste). The plastic waste is to be hydrogenated with renewable hydrogen from electrolysis and thus recycled as raw material. In one process step (e.g. fluidised bed reactor) methane (CH4, natural gas substitute) is to be produced directly, which can be stored, distributed and flexibly used due to the existing natural gas infrastructure. Alternatively, a synthesis gas can also be provided via hydrogenating gasification, which is suitable, for example, for renewed plastics production in the sense of a low-CO2 carbon cycle economy.

The following main work objectives are pursued within the project:
- Proof of feasibility for hydrogenation of plastics in the fluidized bed process
- Identification of promising reaction conditions (e.g. temperature range, gas atmosphere)
- Identification of a promising process concept (focus: high cost and process efficiency)

The work is funded by the Dobeneck Technology Foundation.

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Dr. Jochen Brellochs
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