// PtG 250 II.

In a largely renewable energy supply system of the future, an installed P2G capacity in the range of 8-16 GW will be necessary. The issue currently at hand is how to get the technology ready for the market in terms of performance and cost. Since October 2014, the BMWi-funded project “PtG 250-II” has mainly focused on the automation of ZSW’s own 250-kWel P2G system. To this end, financially viable operating schedules are generated based on electricity price simulations of future scenarios with an increased share of renewables on the power grid and the schedules are tested accordingly in the plant. In addition, a low-cost, simplified gas supply for decentralised P2G systems is to be designed, which represents another key factor in economic P2G operation.


Dr. Ulrich Zuberbühler
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