// Flagship project: Power-to-Gas Baden-Württemberg

As part of the flagship project “Power-to-Gas Baden-Württemberg,” ZSW and its industrial and research partners hope to make the final scientific contributions needed to achieve the profitable use of the process and to offer the economic stakeholders (energy supply companies, automotive industry and mechanical, component and plant engineering companies) a viable concept for clean and innovative mobility. An industrial 1-megawatt renewable hydrogen (eH2) plant is planned and the fuel produced there is to be made available to power fuel cell vehicles. The demonstration system, which was built according to the state of the art, is to incorporate the results of the research and development (R&D) carried out to further increase efficiency and to reduce costs. The main component, the electrolyser itself, is to be further developed on the plant site, i.e. under “market” conditions. During the course of the project, a 300-kilowatt electrolysis block improved by ZSW and its partners is to be integrated in the demonstration system and tested. However, not only the electrolyser, but also the components and sub-systems connected to it (compressor, rectifier, pressure vessel, analytics and safety equipment) are to be analysed for potential improvements in terms of cost and efficiency. The aim of the analysis is to implement promising ideas in all Power-to-Gas products, even in the series modules. The planned technological development will form the basis for profitably using Power-to-Gas technology to generate green fuels both domestically and overseas in the future. The development will also make a major contribution to CO2-neutral mobility. Over 1,000 environment-friendly and climate-friendly fuel cell vehicles could be kept on the road using the eH2 produced in the plant. This volume is more than just a symbolic gesture, it is the first real step towards a sustainable mobility strategy.

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Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler
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The Power to Gas plant is right to the hydroelectric power plant in Wyhlen. Photo: Energiedienst AG