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As the coordinator of the “Callux” project, ZSW is monitoring the use of natural gas-operated fuel cells used to supply domestic energy. Approximately 500 fuel cell heating devices have been installed since the beginning of the project in 2008. They provide extremely efficient and environment-friendly heat and electricity for households. The project is being funded by the German government as part of its national innovation programme (NIP) “Hydrogen and fuel cell technology”.

The energy suppliers and the equipment manufacturers are conducting comprehensive field tests as part of the “Callux” project. They intend to test the practicability of the domestic energy systems and push their further development in order to produce reliable systems ready for the market. At the same time, the collaboration on supporting measures is paving the way for the widespread market introduction of fuel cells. These measures include developing a uniform communication interface (also for the operation of the devices in virtual power plants of the future), testing training concepts for specialist trades and performing market research activities.


Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler
+49 711 7870-233
Callux EnBW

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