// Potential of electrochemical storage systems in electrical networks in competition with other technologies and system solutions (ESPEN)

The aim of the project is to develop recommendations for using electrochemical storage systems and their further development so that these can optimally support the future energy supply system.

The joint project is investigating how electrochemical storage systems can potentially contribute to the economy, stability and security of the future electricity supply system in Germany. In addition, alternative storage technologies such as pumped and compressed air storage power plants are being investigated along with material storage systems and system solutions such as load management concepts in order to identify application areas where electrochemical storage systems are particularly viable.

Workshops on various topics are being held as part of the project. The findings are being discussed not only with industrial enterprises, in particular power supply companies and grid operators, but also with the government with the aim of progressing the proposals for action.

Further information is available on the project website.


Joaquin Klee Barillas
+49 (0)731 95 30-536

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