// Micro solar cells for the cost-effective manufacture of highly efficient solar modules

In the context of the EU’s CHEETAH project, ZSW is researching the suitability of CIGS micro solar cells for use in low to medium-concentrated irradiation conditions, for instance in modules with integrated micro lenses. Such concepts promise both higher efficiency as a direct consequence of the degree of light concentration and savings in the field of semiconductor material if the respective micro cells are specifically manufactured with the help of print technologies or other methods. For a start, the project has adopted an approach involving preparing cells with dimensions in the mm range and below, from large-scale deposited standard cells and solving associated problems, such as insufficient edge insulation or losses arising from series resistance.


Dr. Wiltraud Wischmann
+49 (0)711 78 70-256
Specifications of a micro cell with a lighted surface of 0.15 mm² for luminance intensities of up to 75 suns.