// European Sharc25 project aims for 25% efficiency in thin-film solar cells

The European ‘Sharc25’ research project aims to develop an extremely efficient CIGS thin-film solar cell for assembly in cost-efficient solar modules. Target efficiency grades range up to 25% for CIGS thin-film solar cells produced with the co-evaporation method – around 3 percentage points higher than currently feasible. To achieve this aim, several research institutions, universities and companies from eight different countries are pursuing three different strategies: improved absorber material, new concepts increasing the efficiency of surfaces and boundaries and optimised light management. ZSW is coordinating the research project in the context of the ‘Horizon 2020’ EU Framework Programme with a total volume of just under € 6.2 million.

Further information:

Project homepage: http://sharc25.eu/


Dr. Wiltraud Wischmann
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Aims of the European Sharc25 research project.