// Batteries in the low-voltage grid for more PV energy (SYSPV-NS)

Impermissibly high grid voltages can occur on sunny days in areas where a large number of photovoltaic systems are installed. It is therefore important to clarify how the generated energy could be used in a technically and economically optimal way. One idea: New battery charging strategies could effectively relieve the grid by integrating energy storage systems in a grid-friendly way. The research project is investigating and evaluating various options for integrating intermittent power generators into the grid based on the example of photovoltaic systems in the low-voltage grid. In addition to qualitatively assessing the different measures, the analysis also involves technologically and economically optimising combinations of various options using simulations fed with high-resolution real grid data.

Two test locations in the area served by the regional distribution network operator Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm Netze GmbH were depicted using the PowerFactory simulation software from the DIgSILENT company. The two simulation models were used to run load flow calculations and to investigate historical and current grid situations. In addition, solar roof potential analyses were carried out for the test locations so that the data produced can be used to estimate future grid states in the respective locations. The results can then be used to verify the need for further grid expansion measures and determine the most cost-effective expansion alternatives.

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