// Quarree100: Fully renewable energy supply of a district

In the QUARREE100 joint project, 22 partners from industry and research are working on supplying a city quarter in the Schleswig-Holstein town of Heide exclusively with renewable energy. Heat, electricity and mobility are to be fed with surplus, regionally generated wind energy. Flexible storage options for heat and electricity will be investigated and further developed and ultimately installed in the city quarter as a model for the whole of Germany.
ZSW scientists from the department Renewable Fuels and Processes are developing a suitable filling station as a centre for energy conversion and storage in the city quarter. The Filling Station of the Future is to deliver renewable electrical power, hydrogen and methane in the most efficient, cost-effective and purpose-driven way possible.  The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is funding this project with around €1.3 million for five years.
The central concept envisages a step-by-step use of renewable energy. Priority is given to the use with the lowest energy losses. The most efficient use of regenerative electricity is to power electric motors. Only when this demand is met the next stages will be considered: first conversion to hydrogen and then methanisation. These gases are long-term, zero-loss stores of energy. Efficiency increases when the waste heat generated during the conversion process is put to use.  
The project objective of the technical development at ZSW is to increase the efficiency, service life and cost-effectiveness of the two main components, a pressurized alkaline electrolyzer and a plate methanation reactor.  In order to decouple electrolysis and methane synthesis , an intermediate hydrogen storage facility is planned, which the ZSW researchers will develop conceptually and evaluate in terms of safety.
The technical development including safety concept and clarification of all approval details is planned over 3 years. 


Dr. Ulrich Zuberbühler
+49 711 78 70-239
Cascaded use of renewable energy within the filling station of the future. Graphic: ZSW

Further information

Project website: https://quarree100.de/

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