// Flagship project: Power-to-Gas Baden-Württemberg

An electrolysis reference plant for hydrogen (H2) generation was constructed in Grenzach-Wyhlen in southern Baden as part of the flagship project Power-to-Gas Baden-Württemberg (PtG-BW). The plant draws regenerative electricity via a direct connection  to the neighbouring Wyhlen hydroelectric power plant and has a production capacity of around 500 kg of hydrogen per day. The connected H2 filling station has a handling capacity of 1,500 kg per day. The facility complex also contains a ZSW research plat-form in which optimised electrolysers in the power range of up to 500 kW are tested under real operating conditions.

The objectives of the flagship project include the identification  of technological potentials and the practical testing of innovative components and processes. Together with industry partners from Baden-Württemberg, a technology roadmap has been drawn up and ZSW’s electrolysis equipment has been successfully tested in the real-world environment. With the facility, a 20% higher power density than in the industrial part of the plant was demonstrated. Moreover, the electrolyser consists of a smaller number of individual parts and is more suitable for mass production. In addition to ZSW as the project coordinator, three other research institutes and eight industry partners are involved in the ongoing project. The project is being funded by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Construction.

The Power-to-Gas site in Grenzach-Wyhlen is one of the winners of the idea competition “Real-world laboratories of the energy transition” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In association with eight partners, the capacity of the facility will be expanded, and its regenerative hydrogen will be used in the industrial and mobility sectors. The generated waste heat is to be fed into a local heating network.

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Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler
+49 711 7870-233
The Power to Gas plant is right to the hydroelectric power plant in Wyhlen. Photo: Energiedienst AG

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