// eLNG from Air – producing climate-neutral imported gases

Given Germany’s well developed infrastructure for distributing gas, gaseous carbonaceous energy sources could play an important role in the nation’s power supply well beyond the year 2030. For that to happen, these sources will have to be climate-neutral over the long term.

eLNG from Air is a project to demonstrate the end-to-end process of producing a CO2-neutral imported gas and develop recommendations for industrial application. The researchers engaged in this project are taking advantage of ZSW’s technology, modules and infrastructures to design an end-to-end process chain for the electricity-driven production of renewable eLNG (e-Liquefied Natural Gas) using green hydrogen produced by electrolysis and carbon dioxide captured from the ambient air. The first such plant is to be implemented in form of a demonstrator on the order of 1 to 3 kg/h LNG at ZSW site in Stuttgart. It will serve to test the process thoroughly. These trials will provide the insight needed to develop scaling concepts to ramp up the technology for industrial use.

ZSW has components for capturing CO2 from the air and for synthesizing methane. Our researchers will adapt and improve these legacy assets with an eye to setting up an efficient process. They are also going to design and build an innovative new methane liquefier to produce LNG. The modular nature of this process chain will allow individual components to be swapped out, for example, to couple concentrated regenerative CO2 sources to the methane synthesis process to replace the CO2 captured from the air.

The project is slated to run until the end of 2021. During this time, the researchers will continue to work on the demonstrator while analyzing systems all along the process chain. They aim to determine its potential for creating value for Baden-Württemberg’s industry and learn how to tap this potential by industrializing the technologies under investigation.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing is funding the project.

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