// Alkaline pressure electrolysis for P2G® applications

Since 2013, ZSW has been working on the development of an innovative alkaline pressure electrolyser (AEL) for Power-to-Gas (P2G®) applications under the umbrella of the joint project “P2G® electrolysis,” which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It entails building a 300-kilowatt electrolyser with a cell stack featuring an output that can be scaled to over one megawatt if the size is increased accordingly. This short stack comprises approximately 70 cells with larger surface areas and increased gas output. As a result the electrolysis prototype is more compact than its predecessors. Numerous other technical innovations are being tested, including a 1-megawatt rectifier system, an innovative electrode coating and a modular structure for the overall system. The project partners also hope to demonstrate how the costs of these electrolysers can be reduced. This new electrolyser will also be used as part of the flagship project “Power-to-Gas Baden-Württemberg”.

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