// Heubach 100% Renewable Energies (P2IONEER)

Based on a study of potentials and building on the challenges of the energy transition in Germany, the “Heubach 100% Renewable Energies” project represents a demonstration of the gradual expansion of renewable energy sources in conjunction with decentralised energy storage systems in the town of Heubach.

Heubach has just over 10,000 residents and an annual power consumption of 75 GWh.

Five optimised scenarios for the years 2014, 2020 and 2030, with various proportions of renewable energy generation, describe the possible development of Heubach's energy supply system, taking into account commercial framework conditions and various other input parameters such as planned wind farm and photovoltaic projects. An independent and sustainable electricity supply was successfully established using lithium-ion batteries and Power-to-Gas technology as the only means of storing large amounts of energy on a seasonal basis.

The study of potentials for Heubach thus provides an example of how an independent and economically viable energy supply system can be implemented in the near future by expanding the use of renewable energy sources in combination with the use of storage technology.

Cost development with expansion targets for various years.
Changes in the energy mix for the cost-optimised scenario.

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