// Enhanced Performance with "Neo-Indikatorik" Indicator System Project

The funding programme for a system of indicators for research and innovation, “Indikatorik für Forschung und Innovation”, aimed to close gaps in the existing system of innovation and R&D indicators and to develop new approaches to research and evaluation methods to encompass R&D work. The project was most notably able to improve and develop the instruments used to record the performance of the research and innovation system and adapt them to the dynamic movement in this field. It was also possible to supplement the established input indicators with output indicators in the course of the project. In addition, new empirical approaches were adopted in various respects, such as with regard to the data sources used (keyword: big data). A methodology was developed in this context with a view to processing, merging and utilising large data sets.
The resulting R&D indicators (output and input) were eventually integrated into a system of indicators and its application demonstrated using electromobility as the example field of technology. One focus was on including fields of technology which extend beyond the traditional industry boundaries.


Dr. oec. Tobias Buchmann
+49 711 7870-329
Networking in R&D with e-mobility players

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