// Electromobility in commercial fleets (E-MOgeFLOTT)

The aims of the project “Electric Mobility in Commercial Fleets” (E-MOgeFLOTT) were to identify the potential for the use of electric vehicles in commercial fleets in Baden-Württemberg and to analyse the framework conditions needed to put the relevant systems in place. The project was funded by the Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg as part of the WITMO-BW development programme.
Having identified the practical requirements and the distances which need to be covered, the focus was on vehicles used by social services and for mobile nursing and care services for the elderly, vehicles used by couriers for express parcel delivery services in towns and cities, and taxi businesses. The analysis of the vehicles used showed that there are only small fleets in certain sectors (one to three vehicles), representing considerable potential when taken together. These include skilled trade and repair businesses (e.g. bakery delivery vans, chimney sweeps, electrical trade), for example, but also pharmacy delivery services to end customers.

Having identified the relevant fleets, a comparison of economic viability was carried out in order to calculate how much more or less it would be likely to cost to switch to electric vehicles. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of electric vehicles was therefore compared to that of conventional vehicles. The reduction in emissions which could be achieved by changing over to electric vehicles was also calculated. The evaluation of these data formed an essential basis for the recommended courses of action.

After analysing the cost structures and the framework conditions for selected fleets and taking due account of the existing subsidy policies, it turned out that electric vehicles are already as cost-effective or more economical than conventional vehicles in many cases.


Dr. Peter Bickel
+49 711 78 70-244
Pharmacy delivery service (diagram: ZSW)

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