// AutoStack-Industry Project

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, the “AutoStack-In­dustrie” joint project with 10 industry partners was launched to develop a high-performance fuel cell stack suitable for series pro­duction for automotive applications and was successfully com­pleted in 2022.

The fuel cell stack which was developed meets the performance targets with an output of 86.4 kilowatts at the nominal operating point and 97.4 kilowatts peak power. The cell block (excluding end plates) has a volume of 12.82 litres and, at the beginning of its service life, a power density of 6.7 kW·lat the nominal opera­ting point and 7.6 kW·l under peak load conditions. The main brief of the ZSW was to carry out flow modelling research and to test the stacks. The diagram below shows the result of a service life test in a dynamic load cycle. The measured voltage degradati­on rate of 10 μV·h is indicative of an expected service life of more than 6,000 hours in a driven car and meets the specifica­tions agreed in the project. The operating temperature increased during the shaded periods in the diagram. The gaps repre­sent operation with significant changes to operating conditions and the execution of diagnostic programs.


Dr. Ludwig Jörissen
+49 731 95 30-605
Service life test in a dynamic load cycle in fuel cell stack project “AutoStack-Industrie”.

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