// Safety aspects of lithium batteries for solar home storage systems

With the growing importance of solar home storage systems, the spread of lithium batteries becomes more significant. Under these conditions, the intrinsic safety of such storage systems is of utmost importance. The installation environment, the reliability and interference resistance of the battery and energy management system, and the intrinsic safety of the employed battery cells are all key to realising the safe, failure-free and, above all, nonhazardous operation of these storage systems.

The ageing characteristics of batteries and the abuse behaviour of batteries in domestic storage systems are being examined as part of the publicly funded joint projects “Safety and grid-subservience of domestic electric storage systems with lithium-ion batteries” and “Safety and reliability of PV systems with storage systems”. The investigation includes aspects of extreme electrical and mechanical loads, and the behaviour of lithium batteries in case of flooding. Naturally, storage systems should be shielded from such extreme loads in daily use but they nevertheless can occur under extremely unfavourable conditions, and in these cases battery technologies with high intrinsic safety are of particular interest.


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