// Reliable production processes for high-quality electrodes

The electrical performance and durability of lithium-ion cells are highly dependent on the process reliability of electrode manufacturing. The manufacture of electrode films for lithium-ion batteries is based on a complex process chain with numerous influencing variables.

Important process steps include the particle pre-treatment, paste manufacturing, coating and layer densification. Mass production-suitable methods for manufacturing high-quality electrodes with very small error tolerances are a key technology for the industrial production of lithium-ion cells.In-depth findings on variables which influence the coating and the causeeffect relationships between material properties, process parameters from the dispersion and coating process, and the mechanical and electrochemical properties of electrodes for lithium-ion batteries were developed in the μ-Power flagship project funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics.

Based on the findings obtained, the complete process technology for the pre-industrial production of electrode films was developed with a very high reproducibility. In order to ensure the rapid transfer of the research findings into industrial production methods, the process reliability and electrode quality were evaluated by a project partner in a near-series production process. One focus was on the development of coating processes with aqueous binder systems to replace the commercially used toxic NMP with water. By selecting suitable binder systems, adapting the formula and, in particular, by selecting and optimising the mixing parameters, very high quality electrodes were able to be produced with aqueous binders. The electrodes are characterised by a high proportion of active mass, excellent bonding and excellent cycling stability.


Dr. Alice Hoffmann
+49 731 95 30-558
Cycle stability of a pouch cell with aqueous processed graphite anode and PVDF-based NCM cathode. ZSW/ECM
Cycle stability of a pouch cell with aqueous processed graphite anode and PVDF-based NCM cathode. ZSW/ECM

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