// QS-Zell: Integration and reference platform for national battery research

Every individual process step in industrial lithium-ion cell produc-tion affects performance, quality and cost. In order to systematically illuminate these relationships and open them up for use by all stakeholders in Germany, the 'ProZell' cluster of expertise was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2016.

For the first time, the expertise of battery research facilities throughout the nation will be bundled. The aim is to develop and create a scientific foundation for competitive battery cell produc-tion in Germany. ZSW is coordinating the superordinate interface project “QS-Zell”.

In addition to optimising individual production steps, the results of the other ‘ProZell’ partners are bundled in “QS-Zell” and validated on an industrially relevant level in PHEV1 cells using the “Research factory“, the ZSW Research platform for the industrial production of lithium-ion cells (FPL). This success is proof of the excellence of battery research at ZSW.


Dr. Wolfgang Braunwarth
+49 731 9530-562
Calendering an electrode on the FPL.
Calendering an electrode on the FPL.

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