// NetElan: Use of battery-electric vehicles as energy storage systems in the grid

Integrating an electric vehicle’s battery into the power grid also makes it possible to balance out the fluctuating capacity provided by renewable energy sources, thus helping to stabilise the grid in the short term.

The NET-ELAN project seeks to determine whether and how the stock of battery electric vehicles can be deployed meaningfully in the grid as energy storage systems. It is also being analysed whether consumer-based load management can lead to capacity savings in the generation mix and contribute to the energy-efficient incorporation of fluctuating electricity generators. Conclusions will be drawn on the technical feasibility and possible hurdles. In addition to analysing consumer- and emission-based effects, possible cost and operating models are also being developed.

One of ZSW's main activities within this research project is to simulate a lithium-ion accumulator for mobile applications. The model-based depiction encompasses an extremely precise simulation of the battery, which in addition to the capacity calculation also records the ageing of the battery. The correlations between ageing and devaluation are also being investigated to enable the performance loss to be estimated in monetary terms. These combinations enable different operational strategies to be investigated in terms of service life and also cost optimisation.


Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Günther
+49 731 9530-540

"Net integration of electric powertrains into the existing and future energy supply systems."

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