// Power-to-X technologies and renewables: Generating Hydrogen, Saving on Electricity

This is how scientists aim to combine an oxy-fuel process with high-temperature electrolysis.

The test station is going up now at the ZSW.

ZSW looking into biomass combustion combined with high-temperature electrolysis.

Storage solutions will be very much in demand as renewables account for a growing share of electricity in the grid. One option – converting fluctuating green electricity into chemical energy carriers or raw materials – looks particularly promising. Scientists at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) want to put power-to-X processes into action with a two-pronged strategy. They plan to combine high-temperature biomass combustion with high-temperature electrolysis to reduce the amount of electricity it takes to produce renewable hydrogen, the feedstock for all chemical power-to-X storage media. The ZSW researchers expect that this could slash overall electricity consumption by half. The first preliminary tests met with success and the response to the project has been positive.