// Dr. rer. nat. Paritosh Kumar Mohanta

Research Departments

Fue Cell Fundamentals (ECG)


+49 731 9530-801


Since 2011: Currently working as a research scientist at the ZSW. Previously worked as a PhD student and a research assistant.

10/2010 - 1/2012: Studied a Master program in Energy Science and technology , Ulm University, Germany.

03/ 2010 - 10/2010: Senior Officer, Quality Control, Rohimafrooz Globatts Ltd (an automotive battery manufacturer), Bangladesh

05/2007- 02/2010: Executive, Quality control, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Bangladesh

05/2006 - 04/2007: Officer, Quality Assurance, Aristopharma Ltd, Bangladesh

Fields of activity

  • Investigation of a high performance Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for automotive applications
  • Investigation of stable catalyst support materials for PEM fuel cell
  • MEA performance and degradation tests
  • Synthesis of catalysts and catalysts support materials for PEM fuel cells  and Electrolyzers
  • Electrochemical  characterizations of the supported catalysts
  • Development of a methanol fuel processor for low temperature PEM fuel cell (200W- 1.0kW)

Selection of Publications

  • Paritosh Kumar Mohanta*, Christian Glökler, Alejandro Orozco Arenas, Ludwig Jörissen, Sb doped SnO2 as a stable cathode catalyst support for low temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Volume 42, Issue 46, 16 November 2017, Pages 27950-27961, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2017.06.064