// Dr. rer. nat. Frank Sehnke

Research Departments

Systems Analysis


+49 711 78 70-303


Since 2011 Researcher in Machine Learning with focus on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and Optimisation at the ZSW

2008 to 2012: Part of the machine learning library PyBrain development team. (www.pybrain.org)

2007 to 2010: Ph.D. student of Cognitive Robotics Group at the TU Munich Cogbotlab of the TUM Computer Science department.

Study of Computer Science at the University of Tübingen, Germany, till 2005

2001 to2006: Part of the RoboCup team Attempto Tübingen

Fields of activity

  • Wind-, Photovoltaic-, Waterpower-forecasting using DNNs with state of the art learning methods like RBM pretraining, RMSProp-, Adam-Training and Automatic Feature Selection
  • Atmospheric Ozone predictions with DNNs from satellite UV and IR spectral data
  • Windpotential Site Assessment using DNNs and statistical methods for Windspeed Distribution conservation
  • Main developer of the Framework P2IONEER: Optimisation of Energy-Systems with conventional and renewable energy producers with Parameter-based Policy Gradients
  • Optimisation of production systems with Model-Based Reinforcement Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms using DNNs and Gaussian Processes
  • Computer Vision for Cloud Motion prediction for Photovoltaic Now-Casts.

Selection of Publications

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