// Dr. Olaf Böse

Research Departments

Accumulators (ECA)


+49 731 95-30-551


Since 2020: Head of Accumulators Department, Battery Test Centre (ECA)

2019: Deputy Head of Accumulators Department, Battery Test Centre (ECA)

2014 to 2018: Scientist in the Fuel Cell Fundamnetals Departmen (ECG) at ZSW in Ulm with focus on alternative storage technologies, emphasis on nickel-metal hydride accumulators (NiMH)

2008 to 2014: Continental AG, Berlin, Lithium-ion cell and battery developments, battery safety

1999 bis 2008: Solvay Fluor GmbH, Hannover, Houston, Frankfurt, Material Development  for Lithium Ion Cells and Fluorine Chemistry

1989 bis 1999: Chemistry Studies and PhD at Humboldt-Unversity Berlin

Fields of activity

  • Development of electrical, thermal and mechanical test procedures of cells, modules and energy storage systems
  • Participation in standardisation committees of battery test conditions
  • Development of components to increase battery safety and the suppression of thermal propagation
  • Investigation of reaction gases of cell under abuse conditions

Selection of Patents

  • WO0117904A1: Mixtures with LiPF6
  • WO03020691A1: Heptafluoro-2-Propane Sulfonate Salts and the use thereof in electronic technology
  • US2006036102A: Proscess for preparing 4-Fluoro-1,3-Dioxolan-2-one
  • DE102009024422A1: Method for estimating durability of energy storage for hybrid vehicle, involves determining values of operating parameter of energy stroarge, where frequency distribution of operating parameter values is determined
  • WO11003959A1: Electrolyte mixture and the use therof

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