// Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler

Research Departments

Renewable energy sources and processes


+49 711 7870-233


Since 2019: Head of the Department Renewable Energy Sources and Processes

2011 to 2018: Group leader at the ZSW in the field of regenerative energy sources and processes, focus: reformation/gas conditioning and power-to-gas

2004 to 2010: Project manager at the ZSW in the field of renewable energy sources and processes

2000 to 2003: Scientific assistant and doctorate in chemistry, Saarland University

Fields of activity

  • Steam reforming of renewable fuels
  • Gas cleaning and gas conditioning processes
  • Gas conditioning with membrane technologies
  • Reformer-based fuel cell systems
  • Fuel cell heating systems (Callux)
  • Power-to-Gas, Power-to-Hydrogen

Selection of Publications

  • Dr. M.-S. Löffer, Dr. M. Specht, Dr.-Ing. U. Zuberbühler, Dr. M. Sterner, G. Waldstein, Long-term Storage of Renewable Electricity in Natural Gas Grid via “Power-to-Gas”, WBZU-Fachseminar „Energiespeicherung – Zukunftskonzepte im Zeitalter Erneuerbarer Energien“, WBZU, Ulm 2011
  • Dr. M.-S. Löffler, F. Baumgart, Dr. M. Specht, Dr. W. Lehnert, Dr.-Ing. H.-P. Schmid, „bw-cell“: Entwicklung eines Erdgas-betriebenen PEM-Brennstoffzellensystems in der 4-kWe-Klasse, GASWÄRME International, Band 56 (2007) 29
  • M.-S. Löffler, H. Natter, R. Hempelmann, B. Cudina, J. Divisek, K. Wippermann, Electrochemical Deposition and Characterisation of Nanocrystalline Catalyst Particles in Membrane-Electrode-Assemblies for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells, Proceedings of the 1st European PEFC Forum (2001) 255