// ZSW exhibits at F-Cell

From October 4 - 5, ZSW will present the most recent hydrogen and fuel cell technology innovations in Hall C2 at Booth No. 2C17.


The general principle of climate neutrality is inextricably linked to the use of renewable energies and increased energy efficiency. The work at the ZSW revolves around the development of eco-friendly technologies in photovoltaics and wind energy, batteries for electric vehicles and stationary applications, and also hydrogen – from generation by means of electrolysis right through to its use in fuel cells or further processing into synthetic energy sources. We also work on technical and economic concepts for their integration into energy systems. The focus is on converting scientific findings and technologies into products ready for the market. Industry cooperation account for greater than 50 % of all projects.

We are presenting technologies for the market ramp-up of hydrogen and fuel cells (HyFaB) at F-Cell. Looking forward to meeting you at our booth no. 2C17.

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