// Gas process technology: Reforming synthesis gas upgrade

ZSW is proud of its comprehensive and long-standing expertise in gas process technology, which is demonstrated by the development and implementation of synthesis gas generation and its Power-to-Gas (P2G®) technology. This expertise can also be deployed in related areas and is offered as a service to interested parties. For example, reforming is used to generate hydrogen out of methane for electricity and heat generation by means of fuel cell heating units. The P2G® process is the opposite. If there is excess current, then electrolytic hydrogen (H2) is generated, which is either used immediately (e.g. for mobility) or converted to methane in a further conversion step using CO2. The range of services encompasses the development, dimensioning and qualification of individual process steps and also the basic engineering of entire process chains right up to the construction of demonstration systems.

Range of services

  • Basic engineering, consultation on process technology
  • Development, characterisation and qualification of process steps, components and overall processes
  • Demonstration system construction
  • Process simulation and monitoring
  • System integration
  • Process automation


  • Test facilities suitable for endurance testing
  • Various reactor types
  • Gas analysis systems (IR, FT-IR, WLD, FID, GC, MS)
  • Volume flow measurement systems
  • Thermogravimetric analysis


Dr. Ulrich Zuberbühler
+49 711 78 70-239

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