// System engineering and application

Depending on where the battery is used, e.g. as a traction battery in an electric vehicle, as a PV battery storage system in a building or as a grid operating system, different requirements are placed on the battery and the priorities in terms of the properties change (energy density, performance capacity, efficiency, reliability, safety, cost...). The battery system technology department’s task is to consider the complete storage system’s interaction with its environment (power electronics, loads, measuring systems, communication) and to design operating conditions to ensure that batteries can be used economically, safely and reliably.

Range of services

The topics that we research in the system technology department include:

  • Optimised charging strategies: cost-effectiveness, service life
  • Grid integration, grid-subservience
  • Scenario simulation
  • Battery technology evaluation and comparison
  • Cost studies and cost development
  • Battery module design, battery design and dimensioning
  • Cooling strategies
  • Energy management and ideal operational strategies


Joaquin Klee Barillas
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Batteries in various systems connected to the grid. ZSW/ECA
Batteries in various systems connected to the grid. ZSW/ECA