// Safety tests - thermal, electrical and mechanical

Our flexibility, measuring systems and expertise gained through many years of performing safety tests with all types of batteries, enable us to tackle almost all topics in the field of abuse testing.

We are also happy to test new accumulator technology as well as components and devices in this field. Even test scenarios exceeding test standards can be devised and implemented.

Our experienced team with more than 20 years of testing experience would be happy to help you.


  • Test bunkers with infrastructure (explosion proof, fire extinguisher device, gas treatment, video monitoring and measuring systems) for electrical, thermal and mechanical safety tests
  • Short circuit facility up to 15 kA
  • High voltage test facility up to 1500V/200A
  • High current test facility up to 20V/1500A
  • Fire tests and thermal stability tests
  • Up to 100 tonnes quasistatic crushing
  • Penetration tests (nail, blunt object, screw, etc.)
  • Vibration and shock tests
  • Monitoring of the measurements is possible in HD as well as in IR and high speed video
  • Data logger system for various measured values up to 300kHz


Michael Wörz
+49 731 9530-547
Preparation of a automotive Lithium-ion cell for nail-penetration test in test bunker. Source: ZSW/Bosa

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