// Prototypes: Electrodes and Cells

Expertise in electrode and cell technology is a crucial step in bringing innovative active materials on to the market. We have equipment and infrastructure at our disposal for the purpose of pre-industrial electrode and cell production. It ranges from the dry room to the analysis facility for producing fully functional cells from new active material or cell components. The focus is placed on developing electrode pastes with innovative cathode or anode materials, the production of electrode films and the validation in small standard cells (18650- and 21700-cells, and single layer and stacked pouch cells).

An experienced team of more than 45 scientists and technicians is building the bridge between materials research and production technology.

Range of services

    • Development of new coating-compatible dispersions with new active materials and additives including particle pre-treatment
    • Determining the interrelationships between materials, components as well as mechanical and electrochemical properties in real cells (18650, 21700, and pouch cells)
    • Development of production processes with new materials
      (e.g. water-based electrode coatings)
    • Production of sample electrodes up to 150 m
    • Optimisation of the microstructure
    • Balancing the electrodes
    • Optimisation of the cell design in terms of service life, energy density and performance


      • Laboratory facilities for the production of pastes, electrodes and cells: mixer, coater, calendar, cutting machines and equipment for laser welding, laminating and filling
      • Analysis laboratory for characterisation: rheology, bonding, porosimetry, etc.
      • Approximately 300 cycle stations for electrochemical characterisation


        Dr. Alice Hoffmann
        +49 731 95 30-558
        Filling of 18650-cells with electrolyte. Source: ZSW
        Filling of 18650-cells with electrolyte. Source: ZSW

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