// Industrial Li-ion cell production

"Our interdisciplinary, highly-qualified team guarantees not only the reliable operation of the systems but also supports our industrial partners in cost monitoring and new quality assurance methods."

The research platform for industrial production includes all systems and the infrastructure also used in commercial production. As a result, innovative lithium-ion cells can be manufactured in a reproducible manner and in high quality in sample lines. The systems, from paste production through coating and assembly to formation, are deliberately not linked to one another. This enables the flexible and progressive integration and testing of new manufacturing processes in pilot production.

Range of services

  • Demonstration of advanced active materials and compositions in standard cells
  • Evaluation of new materials and components for production in an industry-relevant environment
  • Testing and optimisation of new production methods and system components in modular and process-secure test environment
  • Further development of the process parameters crucial for quality and yield, and quality assurance methods in the close-to-production environment


Slurry preparation

  • Automatic weighing and feeding of the materials
  • Mixer with temperature control for producing paste in batches of up to 60 l

Electrode production

  • Two-storey electrode coating system for double-sided coating with 500 mm coating width, 30 m/min belt speed and various application systems
  • Precision calendar with 600 mm width drums
  • Slitter winder (30 m/min) with exchangeable cutting units, each with 4 blades and brush system to clean the cut electrode belts

Cell assembly / cell formation

  • Fully automated systems for winding, assembling, and filling of prismatic cells with a cycle time of 1 cell/min
  • 200 m² dry room (dew point -60 °C) for testing new assembly technologies
  • Fully automated formation with 240 temperature-controlled stations for cyclisation and 2,016 storage stations


Dr. Wolfgang Braunwarth
+49 731 9530-562
Fully automated formation with 240 temperature controlled cycle stations and 2.140 storage stations.
Fully automated formation with 240 temperature controlled cycle stations and 2.140 storage stations. Source: ZSW/M. Duckek