// Characterisation and analysis

The characterisation and analysis of cells, modules and battery systems in regard to properties and behaviour is carried out in different physical domains: electrochemical, electrical, thermal and mechanical. The test objects are stimulated and the signal analysis is performed either in terms of time (e.g. pulse test) or frequency (impedance spectroscopy).

Range of services

    • Performance, efficiency grade, parameters
    • Current pulse method and stress relaxation analysis
    • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and distribution of time constants
    • Open-circuit voltages, differential voltage and capacity analysis
    • Thermal pulse stimulation, electrothermal impedance spectroscopy
    • Dilatometry and power measurement
    • Calendar and cyclic battery ageing under different operating conditions
    • Analysis of lithium plating


      Dr.-Ing. Marius Bauer, MBA
      +49 731 95 30-588
      Measured and modelled electrochemical impedance spectra of a cell at beginning of life (BOL) and end of life (EOL). Source: ZSW/ECA